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This webpage gives an overview of my research activities and interests. I have received a PhD doctorate from the Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia, under the supervision of Assistant Professor Ioannis Refanidis. My main research interests are: Artificial Intelligence, Game AI, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Data Visualization.

You can contact me at nikpapa@gmail.com


The aim of the Palamedes project is to determine if it is possible to create expert game AIs for popular backgammon variants using techniques similar to what is used by strong backgammon programs. The project currently supports the Greek Tavli variants (Portes, Plakoto, Fevga) as well as other popular variants like Narde, Nackgammon, Hypergammon, Takhteh and Tapa. Each game’s expert AI is build using neural networks trained by millions of self-play games using advanced reinforcement learning techniques.


Normally backgammon games are played in a 24-point board using 15 checkers or men per side and 2 six-sided dice. This project attempts to extend the popular backgammon games to arbitrary configurations. Games can be played using different board sizes, number of checkers, and number of die sides. Smaller board configurations make the game easier for players and AI algorithms, while larger board configurations make it more challenging.


Awards and Honours
Year Award/Honor
2015 Gold medal at the 2015 Backgammon Computer Olympiad with the Palamedes program.
2012 Tech Pioneer Award by the PC Magazine Greece.
2011 Gold medal at the 2011 Backgammon Computer Olympiad with the Palamedes program.
2008 Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) scholarship awarded (2008).

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