Palamedes version 0.47a changes (2013/08/08)

-New move generation method for Plakoto. Up to 3 times faster than old one.
-New pruning method for 2-ply. Moves are expanded to 2-ply only when
1-ply value difference with best move is greater than some value
(Default = 0, no pruning due to value diff)
-Fixed bug: program crashed when Plakoto pin databases where not loaded
and a position included in the databases appeared.
-New board rendering, now extends board according to window size.
-New option: Board background color.
-New options: Color of points.
-New rounded dice, now pseudo-roll.
-New option: Legal movement can be highlighted. Player can move only
to/from highlighted points (Default: Enabled).
-New option: Automatically roll player dice (Default: Enabled).
-New option: Automatically roll computer dice (Default: Enabled).
-New option: Automatically play forced player moves. Replaces “Auto
Checker Move” (Default: Enabled).
-Option “Player moves must always be legal” is temporarily disabled. It
will be replaced by a position setup system.
-Fixed bug: games were automatically saved even when the respective
option was disabled.
-Updated Qt libraries to version 4.8.5

Palamedes version 0.46a changes (2013/05/03)

-Neural Network implementation now uses the Eigen library and SSE2 intristics. Up to 3x faster Neural Network computations, up to 2x faster in actual play.
-Palamedes may not run on old processors that do no support the SSE2 instruction set. Processors newer than 2006 should be fine.
-Fixed bug in Narde’s move generation: Incorrectly allowed primes in opponent’s home board when the point right before the home board is occupied
-New option enables the computer opponent to resign a double game when it detects that there is 98% or more probability of losing a gammon. (Default: Enabled)
-Fixed bug: when in automatic playing mode and the user resigned a game while moves where played automatically, the game was not stopped.
-Files with .tavli extension are now associated by default with the Palamedes program. This means that when a user double clicks a .tavli file in Windows Explorer, Palamedes will be launched and the corresponding game will be loaded in the scoresheet.

Palamedes version 0.45a changes (2013/02/14)

-Added Hypergammon variant. Up to 6 starting checkers supported. Portes NNs are used for AI opponents.
-Added Nackgammon variant. Portes NNs are used for AI opponents.
-Added Takhteh variant. Portes NNs are used for AI opponents.
-Added several optional rules for Portes variant:

  • Egyptian Rule,
  • Nackgammon start position,
  • No pip wastage in bearoff
  • No hit and run in player home board
-Program now displays the following information on the blue bar of the main window:
-Filename of current game
-Gametype of current game
-New Statistics dialog. Statisitics are updated by gametype and AI opponent after the end of a game. Statistics stored:
  • Number of games
  • Total result
  • Single Wins
  • Double Wins
  • Single Losses
  • Double Losses
  • PPG (Points per game)

Palamedes version 0.44a changes (2012/12/02)

-Added Narde variant. AI opponent can be a Fevga neural network for now.
-Fixed bug in Fevga’s move generation method when in a special case of the Fevga Start rule.
-Optimized Fevga’s move generation method by 15%.
-Added rules for subvariations of Fevga, Plakoto.
-Added pin databases for the Plakoto variant. These databases play perfectly when both players have pinned each other in the home board and all their checkers are inside the home board.
-Simplified start game dialog.
-Simplified options dialog.
-Added options for Plakoto, Fevga rules.
-Added 4 pseudo-random dice generation methods with seed support.
-Fixed crash when loading game files with errors.
-Loading a game file now displays the last position of the game.
-Fixed bug: Pipcount text was not updated after clicking a position on the scoresheet
-Fixed bug in non-automatic playing mode that resulted in wrongly continuing the game after clicking the dice area.
-Nullsoft Installer now uses modern UI
-Build with Qt 4.8.3

Palamedes version 0.43a changes (2012/08/22)

-Added Plakoto-5, Fevga-6 engines. These engines are stronger than the previous ones.
-Removed some weak engines.
-New option: change checker color.
-New option: automatically check for new version at startup.
-New option: faster play and automatically play forced moves.
-New option: select program language. For now english, greek and german are supported.
-Pipcount can be viewed in the toolbar.
-Added program manual in english.
-Program now installs using NSIS Nullsoft installer.
-Fixed program icon (special thanks to Evridiki Papahristou).

Palamedes version 0.41a changes (2011/11/15)


-Portes/Backgammon can now use a special 2-sided endgame database. This DB is loaded on startup if it exists.

-Added option that prunes the move list keeping the x best 1-ply moves for expansion to 2-ply. When set to 0 all moves are expanded.
-User can now remove the remaining moves of a game starting from a selected position on the scoresheet.

Palamedes version 0.40a changes (2011/11/09)

-Added Portes NN with manually added expert features (Portes_ACG13). This NN will compete in Computer Olympiad in Tilburg.

-Manual Dice now correctly handles first roll
-Clicking on scoresheet is more robust
-Open file: yet another crash fix
-Added option to load a NN from file. For now this NN can be of game type Portes/Backgammon.

Palamedes version 0.38a changes (2011/10/05)

-Added options for manual dice and first roll not double (for standard backgammon)
-Open file: fixed crash when opening some portes gamefiles

Palamedes version 0.37a changes (2011/09/15)

-Added new faster Portes/Backgammon move generation method (experimental)
-Added Plakoto-3, Plakoto-4 engines
-Added Portes-40, Portes-160 engines
-Replaced Fevga-4, Fevga-5 engines with more powerfull versions
-Code cleanup on input feature beared-off checkers

-Use Qt InOutElastic animation for checkers
-Disable Fast Play option due to problems with new animation (todo list)
-Checker speed option now is in ms of each checker movement
-Changes to various forms for new engines
-Dice roll now visible to scoresheet while computer is thinking

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